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Friday, April 2, 2010

Slick things with Google search

So here are some of the things I like doing with Google search

Item 1:
You can track your UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping directly from Google. If you enter a valid tracking number, Google's first search result will take you to the tracking information for that package. It's wicked cool and scary. It works! Try it. I am not giving an example for obvious reason.

Item 2:
Did you know, Google search works as a calculator too? Well, one heck of a calculator. Try typing some of the following into the search box and click search

((220 + 2) * (365/8 + 3))/2

three minus two ( :-) Do you remember Magum PI? I used to dream that car when I was a kid)




Well, you get the idea.

Item 3:
Finding time of any place on earth. I use it a lot from my Android, especially because there are too many countries doing this day light night light saving thing and I cannot keep up with who changes how many hours on what date. So I just go to Google and type time sydney and I know if it's a good time to call my in-laws.

time sydney

time dhaka

Item 4:
Somewhat same as above and I use it a lot too. Weather information. Type in weather dhaka.

weather dhaka

Item 5:
Mapping a city. Type chicago map. I used to use this a lot back in the days when I didn't have GPS and Android. Btw, Android has a nice map application with the fanciest street view navigation I have ever seen.

chicago map

Item 6:
Unit conversions. I have tried length, weight, volume, temperature and currency. They work like a champ. You have to be little careful with the currency. Google search works only with the well know currencies.


14 kilometers in miles (this is the distance between north end and south-east end of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It's a V shape city)

110 pounds in kilograms

1 gallon in liter

1 euro in dollars

30 degree celsius in fahrenheit you can also do 30 C in F

Item 7:
Area code lookup for the US. I haven't seen it working for other countries

316 - xxx - xxxx wichita, KS phone numbers

Item 8:
Using Google as a spelling aid. Type something in like, accomodate, one of the top misspelled (oh and this one too) word and google will suggest you the correct spelling. Too easy right? 'Cause you see it in action all the time. Now try using define: before a word or phrase, Google would work like a dictionary.


Item 9:
You can do search within a site and I use it every now and then. You would type something like dream into the search box and click search

Format is site:

Item 10:
If you want to search for a specific file type you would use the search format like filetype:

Example, resume filetype:pdf

Item 11:
You can exclude something from your search using - operator
Example, "world cup" -maradona


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